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Mathematical programs

Here are a few programs I wrote. All of them are free. The html files are the presentation and documentation, and the archive files are the programs themselves.

Mathematical expression parser in C++: html tar.gz

Eqdiff: interactive drawing of vector fields, differential equations, level curves...: html tar.gz zip

Hypertex: Web page writing system: html

Spectral gap of a graph: html tar.gz
This little code computes an evaluation of the first eigenvalue of the discrete Laplacian of a graph (which, in particular, controls the rate of convergence of the random walk).

Cartographical mappings program: zip
In connection with a mathematical article.

Non-linear fits: html tar.gz zip
A very simple and bad-working program for non-linear fits (polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, power, sinusoidal regressions) I wrote in the 90's.

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