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The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

G. B. Shaw

This is my personal page. You may be looking for my professional page and research articles.


Textes que j'ai rédigés sur de nombreux sujets.

Linguistique amusante

Parcours étymologiques (en particulier les mots de l'École normale), bizarreries du français...


Notes succinctes sur des thèmes très variés, certaines prises lors de soirées de débat que j'organisais.

Mathematical programs

Math expression parser in C++, differential equation drawer, cartography, TeX formulas in HTML, spectral gap of a graph...

Also some useful reference links for LaTeX, C/C++/STL, HTML/CSS, Perl...

Économie et politique

Textes et notes personnels, liens.

Autres textes

Tentatives littéraires.


Original compositions and vocal arrangements of well-known songs.


En particulier les Bêtisiers des cours de maths de l'École normale.

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About me

My name is Yann Ollivier (Yann is the given name and Ollivier is the family name; a crude English transcription would be Ian Olive-Yeah). I am currently a research scientist at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence lab in Paris, working chiefly on neural networks. I am a mathematician by training.

Curriculum vitæ (not up-to-date).

À propos des enseignants-chercheurs (regarding changes to the organization of research in France initiated by the ministry a few years ago).

These pages are bilingual (English/French), but most documents are available in only one language, hence a single main page with mixed English and French links.

Any comment, either metaphysical or typographical, can be sent to contact (domain)
My PGP public key to check my e-signature or send me encrypted e-mails.

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Mathematics / Mathématiques

Mathematical programs



Économie, politique

Autres textes



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