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Original compositions

Vocal arrangements

Number 5 (2004-2006):
Beware the unusual key signature (B flat, E flat, C sharp, F sharp), though in practice it almost sounds like G minor...
This piece is rather somber, with contrapuntal, Bach and Romantic influences.
Listen to an earlier version (ogg file, 4Mo)
Number 4 (June 2003)
Little aria (key signature: B flat, F sharp, G sharp).
Number 3 (January 2003)
Tonal piece using the Arabic scale in a classical setting (key signature: G sharp, D sharp).
Listen to the first few bars (ogg file)
Number 2 (April 2001)
Easy to listen, a play on the flexibility of the blues scale.
Listen to the first few bars (ogg file)
Number 1 (April 1996)
Somewhat reminiscent of rag-time, with a lot of modulations.
Listen to the first few bars (ogg file)
Number 0 (June 1994)
Among my first; markedly more basic and romantic.
Number -1 (1991/1992, I forgot the exact time...)
First half-decent piece, an unfinished boogie.
Listen (ogg file)
Copyright: I reserve all rights on these pieces.
For these arrangements of well-known songs, I tried to find a good compromise between easy-to-sing and musically interesting.
Scarborough Fair. Listen (ogg file) 3
Compilation of spirituals Voices
Amazing grace. Listen to a piano rendering (ogg file) of this arrangement. 4
Amazing grace blues 3
Go down, Moses (Let my people go). Listen (ogg file). 4
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Listen (ogg file, 4 men's voices instead of SATB) 4
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child. 4
Christmas carol compilation
Les anges dans nos campagnes (Gloria) (original version of Angels we have heard on high). Listen (ogg file) 3 or 2
Deck the hall. Listen (ogg file) 3 or 2
The first Nowell. Listen (ogg file) 3 or 2
Il est né le divin enfant (French carol). Listen (ogg file) 4
Jingle bells (a.k.a. "Vive le vent" in France) 2
La marche des rois (March of the kings). Listen (MIDI file, computer-generated rendering). 3 or 2
O Tannenbaum (O Christmas tree, Mon beau sapin). Listen (ogg file) 3 or 2
Merry Christmas (We wish you a...). Listen (ogg file) 3 or 2
Stille Nacht (Silent night, Douce nuit). Listen (ogg file) 4
Greensleeves. Listen (ogg file) 2
O come, O come, Emmanuel. Listen (ogg file) 3
Copyright: These arrangements are placed in the public domain: copying, performing, alteration... are allowed. Mention of the source would be courteous.

Freely downloadable sheets

All sheets on this page were produced with the free program Lilypond.
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